Monthly Archives: May 2012

Gig review: Passenger @ Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Cambridge

“The church was made for gigs like this” exclaimed Stu Larson as he gazed out over the audience heads, up into the lofty heights where the early summer sun crept through cobwebbed stained glass. While probably not technically true, you’d have been hard pushed to find anyone in attendance disagreeing by the end of the […]

Gig review: Admiral Fallow @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge

“We’re only known in the UK really, and maybe a couple geeks in the U.S. Perhaps a guy in Japan and some Portuguese fella too” announced Admiral Fallow frontman Louis Abbott. Well, with a quickly growing army of fans, widespread critical acclaim and even a recent appearance on Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show to boot, […]

Gig Review: ARU Battle of the Bands, Cambridge (27th April 2012)

And then there were four. Following several rounds of fierce competition, we’d been left with just four finalists battling out the title of ARU Battle of the Bands winner. With some pretty nifty prizes on offer as well, a video shoot and mixing gear amongst them, it was clear that there could be no slipping […]

Album review: Model Village – A Solution for Everything

There’s a certain amount of irony in the title of Model Village’s debut album, ‘A Solution for Everything’. Not that I’m suggesting the record doesn’t offer any solutions, so to speak, but as a result of this being one of the most intriguing albums I’ve heard in a long time, it does pose more questions. […]

Gig review: The Staves @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge

Well Saturday night was one of a few firsts at a gig for me, which I’ll address in a point by point format: a) A decent musical Dutchman The Dutch aren’t massively known for their music, let’s be honest. In fact the only ones I can think of right now are early Eurodance sensations, 2 […]