Monthly Archives: June 2012

Gig review: Paper Aeroplanes @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge

Writing about a band called ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ is a gig reviewers dream. ‘The music wafted gracefully over the audience heads’, ‘From then on the gig took flight…’,’The evening plummeted to a fiery demise as all aboard screamed in horror’…you get the picture. I could just cram the hell out of this piece with flying related […]

Gig review: Lucy Rose @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge

I’m not sure if it’s the heat getting to me in the stifling hot Portland Arms, but I’m sure Lucy Rose has just pointed everyone to the merchandise table where you can buy “tea, jam, or some t-shirts my Mum & Dad got me for Christmas”. With a sales list more comparable to a bric-a-brac […]