Monthly Archives: September 2012

On the road (just!)

­With our new campervan came new opportunity. Economically, it meant no more £20 hits each night to stay in a hostel dorm (you can read of my love for these here) and no more costly public transport. More importantly however, it meant independence. We could travel where we wanted, when we wanted and sleep in […]

Itchy feet

It’s a serious condition, itchy feet. Restlessness and daydreaming are the most common symptoms, and in this case a growing lack of interest in even the most captivating scenery meant one thing. Time to move on. Having been in the country for a little over five weeks, the fact is we’d seen very little aside from […]

Life in the fast lane

Kinloch is a sleepy old place. It’s the sort of desolate outpost that life  has passed by without anyone realising. The nearest civilisation is the bustling metropolis of Glenorchy (population: 470) which is referred to as a ‘town’ around these parts, while Kinloch (a village apparently) boasts around 11 people to it’s name.  To give […]