Monthly Archives: February 2013

Wellington, Wairarapa and the wind

“So whereabouts are you and the vehicle located, sir?” “Rivendell” “Rivendell?” “Yes Rivendell, you know, the Elven outpost of Middle Earth, home to Elrond – Lord of all Rivendell and leader of the Elves” “Ah yes, of course, your roadside assistance will be with you within the hour” Only in New Zealand. OK – the […]

Marlborough, Sounds of silence

Dolphins, eh? Tedious bastards, the lot of them. Our jovial, ocean marauding friends are hard not to love really, but bloody hell, it was nearly 8pm and getting well past dinner time now. Six months we’d been in New Zealand, predominantly on the coastline, without seeing a single flipper, and now they’d just tipped up […]