Storytelling by song is not an easy craft. Storytelling by word is hard enough and although yes, you might be able to spin a good yarn or anecdote now and then, to then put it to tune and captivate an audience for nigh on two hours is beyond all but the best of us. But […]

Allow to me to introduce Mr Ambakubura; 80 years old, a lifetime of stories and a handshake that lasts almost as long as the three hours we shared sat next to one another on a bus. He spoke like a Sri Lankan Rowley Birkley QC – mostly rapid inaudible mumbles interjected by sudden bursts of […]

Life as a celebrity? No, it’s not for me. I knew there was a reason why I had never excelled enough at anything to the point it would bring me fame, and I realise now that I have lived a life content in mediocrity for a reason. I just can’t handle the attention you see. […]

It’s a peculiar feeling the first time you look into the eyes of an Orangutan. Mostly because you know they’re probably thinking the same as you – “Well he’s an odd looking chap” – is the immediate thought – “odd, but I can definitely see something of myself in those roguish good looks“. The likeness […]

As a boy, I used to feed my imagination with books. Poring over the pages I’d discover the depths with deep sea divers, soar with winged dinosaurs and clamber through ruined jungle temples and lost kingdoms. I could travel into space, march with mighty Roman empires and battle with medieval knights, all from the comfort […]

My four rules of travel: 1. Never miss the opportunity to wind up a Canadian by asking them where in America they are from. This can then be further enhanced by stating upon their reply that ‘Canada is one of the northern states, isn’t it?” 2. Eat as the locals do. 3. Travel as the […]

Wedged snugly between the handlebars; the baby lies asleep, oblivious to it all. Oblivious to the shrill drone of engines roaring, oblivious to the engulfing toxic fumes around her and perhaps gratefully, oblivious to their own frantic path through the rush hour traffic. In an instant the motorbike disappears into the sea of motorbikes as […]