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An Ode to Victoria Road

Farewell Victoria Road To the rush hour humdrum and midnight caterwauling The asylum absentees and their sozzled street brawling To the pot smoking Poles and Elvis the Wig Angry Ed Sheeran and our Postman Stig To the wannabe wardens of Victoria Park The student stop-outs heading home with the lark To the bookmakers and offy, […]


This is probably the laziest post I’ll ever do, but it’s been two weeks and I feel I should put something up. So here’s a smattering of instagrammed snaps from in and around Cambridge, straight off the old blower so the quality’s pretty shambolic as well. I’ll do better next time, honest.

The Pie Sandwich – it’s a way of life

There is no food that cannot be improved by putting it into a sandwich. You may scoff at that statement, but I tell you it’s the truth and I’m about to change your life. Practically anything can go into a sandwich, it’s a meal without prejudice – whether it’s a snack you want expanding, leftovers […]

A few words on Gary Speed

Gary Speed never played for my club, or to my memory had any real connection with us – yet as many other football fans around the country are no doubt experiencing this week, his death has effected me more than any other public figure before. Having started watching football in the early 90’s, Gary Speed […]

autumnal gripes pt.2

Reasons why I wish I could grow a proper beard: Face warmth Manliness, grrr You either look double hard, or super intelligent. Or both Handy disguise Lack of shaving required Instant respect from everyone, everywhere Food storage Something to stroke as I sit there looking thoughtful and intelligent, whereas I’m actually daydreaming about having a […]

autumnal gripes pt.1

I stopped drinking 8 days ago, not forever or anything, god no. Just for a month; primarily to save funds and lose pounds. I don’t think it’ll do me any harm either, as apparently I ‘cannot just have one or two’ any more, so it saves me from getting grief for that. Having said that, […]